Province Litter Bin 40 Litres

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Zinc Primed Steel - Protected Against Corrosion

Delivery: Normally 3 - 4 Weeks

  • 1200(H) x Ø 76mm post with 40 litre bin
  • 950mm above ground
  • Choose up to 5 post top types - stylish finish
  • Self exinguishing in case of fire
  • Optional separate ashtray on post if required.
  • Choose from up to 10 standard RAL colours
  • Easy installation - cast into concrete
  • Zinc primed steel - protects against corrosion
Anti Rust
Concrete In
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use

The Province Litter Bin 40 Litres can be used in public spaces and helps to reduce littering. The bin uses a highly attractive design to blend in with public green spaces and similar environments. The bin allows for a capacity of 40 litres of rubbish.

Each bin is mounted to a 76mm wide pole. The pole itself will be concreted into the ground for permanent use. The bin and pole are made from high quality steel and both are zinc primed for excellent protectiong against corrosion.

The pole can be equipped with its own cigarette ashtray on request. If not required the bin itself is self exinguishing in the case of fire with the interior. 

Customise the bin by choosing up to 5 stylish pole cap types and up to 10 standard RAL colour designs. Design the litter bins to the idea and project you have in mind.