Reflective Road Cats Eyes

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Tough HDPE Cats Eyes for Off-Highway Roads

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  • 150(L) x 120(W) x 40(H) mm
  • Perfect for off-highway use
  • Can be installed quickly and easily - fixings included
  • Highly visible yellow road studs
  • White and red cats eyes - high visibility
  • Tough construction - ideal for outdoor use
  • Bulk discounts when you order online
Bolts included
Easy Installation
Shatter resistant
Professional Use
High Visibility

The very effective Reflective Cats Eyes Road Studs are perfect for placing in many different kinds of areas, such as on roadsides as a means of marking the edge of the road or in places such as warehouses and factories to highlight out of bounds areas to employees or other people.

The highly visible reflective road stud is made from a tough yellow plastic which makes it suitable for using in all kinds of environments, especially outdoors where it can stand up to harsh weather conditions and impact from cars. 

  • The yellow design of these reflective road studs are sure to alert all drivers in the vicinity to their presence.  These road studs are perfect for using on roadsides, whether urban or rural, in order to alert drivers to where the edge of the road lies.  The reflective "cat's eyes" will light up when faced with vehicle headlights, making them ideal for areas with low light conditions in rural type areas
  • Each road stud is fitted with 2 red and white reflective "cat's eyes" on either side (4 in total) to ensure that they are well seen by all oncoming motorists
  • Alternatively, these road studs can be installed into the ground in places such as warehouses and factories in order to demarcate particular areas that may be out of bounds to regular employees or the public, or even for marking important zones in the premises
  • The tough plastic type design makes them perfect for using in all kinds of environments, with excellent resistance to general wear and tear
  • These road studs can be installed directly into the ground using the 4 pre-drilled holes provided on the surface, allowing them to be bolted directly into concrete quickly and easily


  • Length 150mm
  • Width 120mm
  • Height 40mm