Rib 'n' Roll™ Rubber Mat

Mat Thickness: 3mm
Mat Option: Fine Rib - Black
Mat Size: 100cm x linm
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Easily Customised Strong SBR Rubber Floor Liners

Delivery: Normally 7 - 10 Days

  • Industrial grooved rubber floor mat
  • Provides extra traction and stability
  • Excellent wear and tear resistance
  • SBR rubber design
  • Anti-slip properties for flooring or as shelf liners
  • Widely used where objects may tend to slide
  • Ideal for use at workbenches or near machines
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Product Specifications:

  3mm Fine 3mm Broad 6mm Fine 6mm Broad
Thickness 3mm 3mm 6mm 6mm
Material SBR Rubber SBR Rubber SBR Rubber SBR Rubber
Surface Fine rib Broad rib Fine rib Broad rib
Colour Black or Grey Black Black Black

The Rib 'n' Roll™ Rubber Mat is a specially crafted flooring solution perfect for various settings including workshops, machinery areas, and vehicles. This low-profile rubber mat boasts exceptional resistance to wear and tear, enabling its use even in environments with diluted acids and alkalis.

Available in a convenient runner format, the Rib 'n' Roll™ Rubber Mat facilitates effortless installation and can be easily cut on-site to fit specific requirements. Its grooved surfaces not only provide enhanced traction but also ensure stability, offering you a choice between a fine-grooved rib or a broader-grooved rib based on your preference.

For maintenance, a regular sweeping or dry mopping of both the surface and the back of the mat is recommended. Additionally, the surface can be effectively damp-mopped using a mild soap or detergent. Please note that gluing the mat down is not advisable as it may compromise the integrity of the rubber.

Recommended use for the Rib 'n' Roll™ Rubber Mat:

Suitable for medium duty conditions.

For placement in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, picking, packing and logistics warehouses, individual work stations.