Rigid Lock Quick Berm

121.9cm x 264.2cm (726817)
142.2cm x 203.2cm (726816)
203.2cm x 264.2cm (726818)
264.2cm x 264.2cm (726819)
325.1cm x 325.1cm (726820)
386.1cm x 386.1cm (726821)
386.1cm x 508cm (726822)
386.1cm x 629.9cm (726823)
508cm x 508cm (726824)
508cm x 629.9cm (726825)
629.9cm x 629.9cm (726826)
Custom per m² (726828)
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  • Modified PVC coated fabric - ideal for drive-in scenarios
  • Chemical resistant - long term UV protection
  • Single piece design - easy setup, no assembly
  • Ideal for IBC, pallets, totes, tanks and drums
  • Custom sizes available on request - call our sales team
  • Stainless steel wall support system - leakproof containment
Easy Installation
Home Use
Professional Use

The Rigid Lock Quick Berm assists with containing spills and leaks from pallets, tanks, totes and more. Each berm is made with a high quality PVC coated fabric. These spill berms are made for heavy duty use and can contain spills easily.

Each berm comes in a one-piece design - there is no assembly required. Simply set up on site for instant use. The berms are ideal for outdoor pallet storage where they can be used in a drive-in/drive-out manner or even pedestrian traffic.

The stainless steel wall-support system locks the corners in place. This provides excellent containment against all leaks. The heavy duty design makes the spill berms perfect for long term use.

The UV protected berms are ideal for outdoor areas - they will remain protected against natural light and will not miscolour over time.