RS48 Retention Socket

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Reduce Repeat Excavations of Street Furniture

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  • RS48 x 336
  • 336(H) x 200(W) x 100(D) mm
  • Suitable for use with 48mm Ø tubes
  • Facilitates Passive Safety design to EN12767
  • Foundation size and specification to EN40 & BD94/07
  • Product tested and load rated to EN124 B125
  • Extremely strong ductile iron - high durability
  • Electro zinc plated finish - will not corrode
  • Easy install on site - concrete in
  • Can facilitate cables at ground level
  • Avoid numerous excavations or disturbances
Anti Rust
Concrete In
Easy Installation

The RS48 Retention Socket can be installed into the ground quickly and easily and provides a means of excellent durability for bollards, bike racks, bike stands, street furniture and more. Each socket can allow for insertion of one tube/bollard and is perfect for areas where access may need to be granted.

Each retention socket is made from high quality ductile iron and is electro zinc plated to provide excellent durabilty over time and preventing rusting and corrosion. Once installed into the ground the bollard or bike rack in question can be inserted into the socket with ease and then locked in place. 

Once the lid is closed down the bollard will be secured into position and access is limited. The socket allows for the inserted items in quesitons to be removed if necessary and allows for seasonal changes on particular sites. The retentions sockets also help to reduce the amount of excavations that must be performed and reduces overall expenses for repeat projects.