Safety Stance™ Anti-Fatigue Mat

Mat Size: 66cm x 102cm
Mat Colour: Black/Orange
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Safety Stance™ Connector
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Notrax Safety Stance™ Connector
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Notrax's Most Aggressive Slip Resistant Surface

Delivery: Normally 7 - 10 Days

  • 22mm thick
  • Nitrile rubber compound
  • Heavy duty
  • Resistant to most industrial oils and harsh chemicals
  • Ideal for use in wet or oily industrial environments
  • Suitable for areas where there can be frequent spilling
  • Ergonomic, aggressive slip resistant surface
  • Drainage holes allow fluid and debris to fall through
  • Custom sizes available - contact our matting expert
Heavy Traffic
Oil Resistant
Anti Fatigue

The Safety Stance™ Anti-Fatigue Mat is a 22mm thick anti-fatigue matting for use in areas where there can be frequent oil spillages. Made of 100% nitrile rubber, the mat is designed to withstand industrial oils and harsh chemicals and can be used in heavy duty situations.

The Safety Stance™ has drainage holes and raised studs to provide aeration and allow fluids and debris to fall through, leaving a dry and tidy top surface. The aggressive slip resistant surface and the highly visible orange borders are designed to minimize trips and slips.

The mat can be cleaned regularly with detergent and hosed off for an extended life. Free of silicone, the mat is safe for vehicle painting facilities. Use the additional connectors to join the mats together to fit the space. The bevelled edges can be cut to size as needed.

Recommended use for the Safety Stance™ Anti-Fatigue Mat:

Suitable for heavy duty conditions

For placement in manufacturing plants, production lines, assembly lines, CNC machines, metal working for individual workstations, and custom work platforms.


  • Heavy duty 100% nitrile rubber compound
  • Resistant to industrial oils and harsh chemicals
  • Orange coloured borders comply with OSHA Code 1910-144
  • Slip-resistance R10 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181
  • Free of DOP, DMF, Ozone depleting substances, silicone and heavy metals
  • Overall thickness: 22mm
  • Weight: 13kg per m²

Cleaning tip:

Use a high-pressure hose (124 bar max.) with hot water (no greater than 70˚C max.), especially efficient to remove oils from the mat. The use of a mild soap, mild detergent, or non-butyl degreaser is suggested for a better result.