Spion Multi-purpose Acrylic Convex Safety Mirror Rectangular

Style Price Quantity
Rectangular 600 x 800mm (758210)
€529.00ex VAT
€650.67inc VAT
Allow 3 - 4 Weeks For Delivery
  • 400 x 600mm or 600 x 800mm
  • Includes bracket 76mm pole mount
  • Ideal for internal and external use
  • Easy adjustment - maintain correct angles
  • Shockproof - highly robust design
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturing defaults

For help on convex mirrors see our Convex Mirrors FAQ

Easy Installation
High Visibility
Shatter resistant

The Spion Multi-purpose Acrylic Convex Safety Mirror Rectangular, on sale through Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment, is the ideal product for you if you are looking to improve security or safety. This mirror gives you viewing access to blind spots, thereby preventing detrimental accidents with expensive equipment as well as employees or the community.

For instance, installing this product in an industrial or manufacturing environment allows employees to be aware of any movement taking place around corners while they are navigating heavy or mobile machinery. This prevents costly collisions and improves safety at work. Use of the Spion Multi-purpose Acrylic Convex Safety Mirror Rectangular in the UK is also ideal on roads and at concealed entrances or exits.

  • Its acrylic construction results in a mirror that is incredibly shatter proof. This is great for resisting damage while serving its purpose outdoors as well as in industrial environments where heavy machinery and tall objects may come into contact with the mirror. 
  • Another advantage is that the Spion Multi-purpose Acrylic Convex Safety Mirror Rectangular has a high level of strength and durability without being as heavy as other materials that offer the same qualities. 
  • The mirror also maintains high standards of quality outdoors, as it is resistant to UV rays.

Cleaning maintenance is effortless and simply requires wiping the mirror using some soapy water and a cloth. This product is conveniently available in three sizes so you may choose one that is preferable to your end use. Obtaining this great product is equally as effortless, with Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment providing availability of the Spion Multi-purpose Acrylic Convex Safety Mirror Rectangular online.

5 year warranty against manufacturing defaults 

Mirror Features

  • Internal and external use
  • Very light
  • Simple to adjust
  • Extremely shockproof convex rectangular mirror.

Viewing Distance:

  • 400 x 600: 5 metres
  • 600 x 800: 10 metres