Takmats Multi-Layer Floor Matting

Size: Small - Pack of 1
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36 Layer Mat for Easy Disposal of Dirt

Delivery: Normally 3 - 4 Weeks

  • Small - 61cm x 91cm x 3cm
  • Standard - 104cm x 91cm x 3cm
  • 36 layers per mat - easily removed
  • Choose from 3 standard sizes
  • Dispose of layers when visibly dirty
  • Dust absorbent foam cushion interior
  • Loose particles stick to mat - prevents dirt spread
  • Place at entrances for best effect
Easy Installation
Professional Use
Light Traffic

How do Takmats work?

  • Placed at entrance to sensitive areas, they compel people to step on and off the mat
  • Loose particles on the soles of the soles are detached and remain with resin
  • As the layers become saturated with dirt they are peeled away and reveal a new clean layer underneath
  • The used layers are easily disposed of


    • Effective at cleaning dirty feet as they enter clean areas
    • Multiple Layers (36 per mat) provide constant supply of clean mat
    • Easy to peel off dirty layer on regular basis revealing new clean mat
    • No expensive collection and removal schemes provided by external services