Traffic Line Flexible Verge Marker

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Flexible Verge Marker (765045)
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The Traffic Line Flexible Verge Marker can quickly and easily mark areas on roadsides, returning to their upright position time and time again.

  • 1097mm high, 100mm wide
  • Made from tough PVC
  • Reflective strips for excellent visibility
  • Can be installed into soft ground easily
  • Flexible - can be struck and still remain in place
  • Shatterproof
Anti Rust
Easy Installation

The Traffic Line Flexible Verge Marker is a safe way to mark out road edges and bends. The toughened polyethylene material allows vehicles to hit the post a number of times,  allowing you to safely mark dangerous areas.

The ground anchor is made to rebound if stuck, and the reflectors are shatterproof in case it is struck. It can be installed into any soft ground quickly and easily, helping to provide awareness of bends or edges on a road that may be hard to see in poorly lit conditions or dark areas.

Each verge marker is fitted with reflective strips to ensure that any nearby vehicles are aware of its presence, especially when it comes to dark country roads where there is little or no lighting.

Because the material is so strong it provides excellent flexible properties and can rebound if struck numerous times.

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 1097mm

  • Width: 100mm

  • PVC