Traffic Line Wheel Stop

Colour: Black/White
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Helps Define The End Of Parking Spaces

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The Traffic Line Parking Space Wheel Guide is great for highlight car spaces in car parks. The 45mm high design alerts drivers if they go outside the boundaries of the parking space, ensuring vehicles don’t accidently park over 2 spaces.

  • Tough rubber design for resistance against damage from vehicles
  • Easy to install by bolting down to the ground (bolts included)
  • Reflective Strips ensure the parking space markers can be seen in bad light

The Traffic Line Parking Space Wheel Guide is great for organising car parks, ensuring you get the maximum use from your car park.

Bolts included
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use

Traffic Line Parking Space Wheel Guide are great for assisting people when parking the cars. The 45mm high marker will alert people who park outside the lines by giving them a small bump as they cross the marker. The toughened rubber can cater for the weight of cars when they do get struck. This will allow you to get maximum use from your parking spaces as no cars will cross over into a second parking space.

  • Easily outline parking spaces or traffic lanes
  • Reflective strips make the Parking Space Marker easy to see in bad lighting or at night
  • Toughened recycled rubber can handle heavy vehicles
  • Easy to bolt down with bolts that are supplied with the marker

The Traffic Line Parking Space Marker’s is also ideal for marking out different lanes of traffic in areas, such as bike lanes and pedestrian walkways. The highly visible markers ensures the safety of people as they stay in their own designated areas. Each section comes with 3 pre-drilled holes marking it simple to bolt down to the ground but difficult to remove. The parking space marker’s come in either red/brown or black colours so you can blend it into your environment. The built in reflective strips are also great for highlighting different traffic routes for drivers and allowing them to get out of car parks easily.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 45mm High x 150mm Wide x 1200mm Long
  • Material: Recycled rubber
  • Installation: 3 pre-drilled holes with bolts included
  • Colours: Red/Brown or Black (both with reflective strips)