Trumeter Desk Tally Counter

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Keep Track of Counts at Desks and Receptions

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  • Counts up to 9999
  • Desk-mounted - ideal for banks, schools and more
  • Steel surround - highly attractive finish
  • Reset dial on side - easy to restart counts
  • Excellent design - easy to use
Bolt Down
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use
Shatter resistant

The Trumeter Desk Tally Counter helps to provide precise figures during counting. Hand tally counters make keeping track of amounts effortless as they simply require that you press a button for every item or person you wish to count.

The total count is displayed on the front of the tally. This useful product can add up to 9999, and the amount displayed can be reset with the simple use of a dial to the side of the tally.

The Trumeter Desk Tally Counter has holes at its base, allowing it to be fixed to a desk (or any other flat surface) in places where it is used often. This product can be used in retail applications to count inventory or to record the totals for stock that has arrived or is going out.

It is, however, a versatile product that may be used in many different environments, which is one of the many reasons for the widespread use of the Trumeter Desk Tally Counter. For instance, it can be utilised at the entrances to events to keep track of the number of event attendees or in the undertaking of foot count at stadiums and amusement parks.

• Chrome plated steel construction ensuring product longevity

• Desk mountable for convenient location

• Records amounts up to 9999 and can be reset to zero