Universal Folding Wall Bike Rack

Size: 2 Bikes
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€78.72inc VAT
SKU: 712112
Ideal for Minimal Bike Storage Space

Delivery: Normally 7 - 10 Days

  • Zinc plated steel - protected against rusting
  • 2 Bikes - 4 foam pads, 25mm Ø tube
  • 3 Bikes - 6 foam pads, 30mm Ø tube
  • 4 Bikes - 8 foam pads, 25-30mm Ø tube
  • Includes 2 accessory storage hooks
  • 4 bike version includes telescopic ends
  • Foam rests - protects bike paintwork
  • Reflective end caps - highly visible
  • Easy installation - fixings required but not included
  • Folds easily - save space when not in use
Anti Rust
Bolt Down
Easy Installation
Professional Use
1 Year Warranty

The Universal Wall Mounted Bike Rack allows for smart bike storage where needed most - having your bikes stored on the wall will allow you to save space on the ground and will maximise storage for the area.

The wall mounted bike racks are available from 2 bikes up to 4 bikes at a time - each version comes with 2 foam resting pads for each bike which provides protection to the paint on both the bike rack and the bike itself.

For hanging accessories each wall bike rack is equipped with 2 accessory hooks on the underside - hang bike pumps, baggage, cables, or more with great ease. For high visibility the end caps on each bike rack are equipped with hi-vis reflectors, making them ideal for bike storage facilities, sheds, or garages.

How to Save Space with the Folding Wall Bike Rack

When not in use the bike rack can be folded upwards towards the ceiling which again saves even more space. The rack helps to utilise bike storage space as much as possible while saving space for other items when not in use at all.