XL Barrier Sub-Surface Post 3.2mm

Sub-surface Galvanised 1200mm Post (752551)
Sub-surface Galvanised 1500mm (752552)
Sub-surface Galvanised 2000mm (752553)
Sub-surface White/Red 1200mm (752555)
Sub-surface White/Red 1500mm (752556)
Sub-surface White/Red 2000mm (752557)
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A very robust, strong barrier post that provides an excellent means of preventing access in particular areas

  • Available in a plain galvanised steel design or a white colour with red reflective bands
  • Barrier posts with options for bolting into the surface or concreting them into the ground
  • Hot dip galvanised for protection against rusting and corrosion
  • The Red and White barrier posts are also powder coated
  • Available in different heights
  • Made from 3.2mm thick steel - very robust

The XL Barrier Sub-Surface Post 3.2mm is an excellent solution for almost any type of environment, providing a great method of deterring entry into areas where businesses may want to keep out cars or pedestrians. These barrier posts are much bigger and much sturdier than other similar products, providing the customer with a robust solution to deterring traffic entry in particular areas.  Available in numerous heights these barrier posts are sure to catch the attention of drivers and pedestrians and will provide the customer with a product that will serve them for a long time.


These barrier posts come in a plain galvanised steel design or in a white powder coated finish with red reflective strips, ensuring that you can select something that meets your needs.

  • These sturdy barrier posts are available in two different formats - the customer has the option of a post that can be bolted directly into the surface of the area it is being installed in (only available in 1000mm height). The second option allows the customer to purchase a barrier post that can be concreted into the ground, providing excellent strength and durability while in use. 
  • These barrier posts are hot dip galvanised, ensuring that they have excellent all round protection against rusting and corrosion at all times, also ensuring they are excellent for use in outdoor environments 
  • These barrier posts are also available in numerous different heights
  • The white barriers with red reflective bands are sure to catch the attention of nearby motorists, deterring their entry into unauthorised areas in a car park, warehouse or other similar place 
  • These barrier posts are ideal for using in all kinds of environments 
  • The bolt down versions of these barrier posts can be installed quickly and easily directly into the ground using the 4 pre-drilled holes provided in the base

The XL Barrier Post provides the customer with an excellent deterrent to entry in almost any place and is perfec for use outside.  Order today from Pittman Traffic and Safety for a very sturdy and very strong barrier post option.



 Height: 1200 / 1500 / 2000mm

 Weight: 15 / 17 / 23 kg

 Diameter: 152mm

 Steel thickness: 3.2mm