XPT Road Segregation System

Mid-Section (747701)
End-Section (P-747702)
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Segregate Bicycles & Vehicles on Irish Roads

Delivery 5 - 6 Weeks From Order

  • 500(L) x 500(W) x 120(H)mm
  • 24kg per section
  • Modular design - easily add sections where needed
  • Bolt-down - fast installation into concrete
  • Glass microspheres greatly increase visibility
  • Add bollards to direct traffic on roads

The XPT Road Segregation System provides an excellent means for separating vehicles and bicycles on public roads. The highly durable sections allow bicycles and vehicles to see them easily and to create separate lanes of traffic through towns or cities. As cycling infrastructure becomes more prominent it will include lane separators and lane delineation like this.

Each section is made from a highly durable rubber material. The pre-drilled holes allow for easy installation directly into concrete. The modular design of the sections allows them to be joined end on end with other units easily. Create infinite runs or lengths to cover large distances with ease. 

The glass microspheres on the cycle lane separator provide excellent visibility at all times. They will light up under vehicle headlights and will greatly improve visibility during harsh weather. 

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