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Wet Floor Signs

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2 Item(s)

Wet Floor Signs

What are wet floor signs?

Wet floor signs provide instant warning to passers by when there are wet floors present in a building.  Where they may seem like such a simple product, they can actually be so important to health and safety standards in any given school, office building or similar environments where cleaning may become quite regular. Easy to set up, wet floor signs can be deployed to an area in an instant.

Why do I need wet floor signs?

As the name suggests our wet floor signs help to alert nearby pedestrians that there are wet floors present in the area. This can be crucial to maintaining excellent health and safety standards by alerting said pedestrians to possible slip dangers and encouraging them to avoid the area if possible. Quick and easy to set up, wet floor signs can be deployed where needed and are excellent for the likes of offices, schools, colleges and many other buildings with open areas or corridors that require frequent cleaning as well as for use in bathroom areas and kitchens – the possibilities are endless when it comes to using the wet floor signs.

What kind of wet floor sign do you supply at Pittman?

Here at Pittman we can supply the Caution Wet Floor Yellow Safety Sign, ideal for using in many kinds of environments.  Made from tough plastic this wet floor sign provides excellent durability while in use and can be folded or unfolded when needed. Each wet floor sign is fitted with a clear and concise “Caution Wet Floor” message, while it also comes fitted with red reflectors to highlight dangerous areas in darker environments.

The simple pop-up design means they can be folded and un-folded when needed, meaning they can be stacked and stored away easily when not in use.  The wet floor signs are ideal for cleaning crews, schools, offices, shopping centres just to name a few – order today for wet floor signs for your business.


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