School Safety

All schools and colleges get an instant 30-day account at Pittman. Choose from a wide range of safety products designed to create safer schools for students, staff and parents.

The Multi-Max Chain Posts can deter entry into an area or help organise school queues. Speed bumps can be used to reduce vehicle speed on school grounds, while the excellent Flexbrite flexible bollards can guide vehicles in school car parks.

Need bicycle storage? Choose from our wide range of bike racks and bike shelters to boost school bike storage. Vertical bike racks can help with maximising bike storage space and reducing trip hazards on-site.

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Warehouse Safety

Choose Pittman for the best quality range of warehouse safety products delivered fast from stock. The Defender range of warehouse protection can protect employees and reduce the risk of damage to warehouse assets. The Defender range includes warehouse bollards, rack protection and hoop barriers designed for Irish warehouses.

Need heavy-duty warehouse protection? The Slow Stop Protection Barriers are Europe's strongest all-steel guards made for the harshest of warehouses. The steel guards are fully customisable - contact our sales team for help on creating custom setups specific to your project.

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Facility Management

Are you a facilities manager? At Pittman we have the widest range of products to help the job of a facilities manager that much easier. A wide range of bollards are available to deter access and reduce asset damage. Traffic calming products are also available to help reduce speeding vehicles in the area and protect employees and visitors.

High-quality portable barriers from Pittman are suitable for protecting maintenance crews while on the job. Portable barriers are lightweight and are ideal for storing or transporting to and from sites for repeated use.

Choose from a full range of specialist mats designed to reduce slips and protect employees while on site. Roof mats can reduce slips on building rooftops and are fully customisable to fit different environment types.

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Airport Safety

Contact our experts for advice on the best products for boosting airport safety. Anti-fatigue mats can increase employee comfort at standing desks and security areas while also reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Need to organise queues? See our full range of retractable belt barriers that can help organise queues quickly in the busiest of airports. Expandable barriers can also close off staff-only areas to pedestrians, creating a highly visible entry deterrent on airport floors.

Use aircraft wheel chocks to reduce the risk of rolling aircraft. The best quality wheel chocks delivered fast from stock, insert easily behind aircraft wheels to avoid costly collisions or impacts.

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Car Park Safety

Pittman are the car park safety experts. Choose from a wide range of speed bumps, wheel stops and bollards designed to boost car park safety in public and private premises.

Reduce vehicle speeds with Ireland's best range of traffic calming options, including the JSP Ridgeback 50mm and 75mm modular speed bumps. Choose from the ever-popular Flexbrite and Impact Recovery Systems ranges of plastic bollards. Delineate car parks and roadways while reducing the need for regular maintenance and replacement.

Prevent car park vehicle collisions using rubber wheel stops. The XPT wheel stops range comes in a single-piece rubber design, suitable for quick installation directly to concrete or tarmac. The moulded yellow or white markings boost visibility while they help to bring vehicles to a halt within parking bays.

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Events Safety

Are you planning for an upcoming event? See our full range of safety equipment with your event in mind. Choose from a wide range of cable ramps with large stocks for fast delivery. Protect cables and wires while reducing the risk of trips and falls in the area.

Keep crowds organised and safe using a wide range of crowd control barriers. Choose high-quality steel designs for repeated use at future events. Install on-site fast and store away easily until needed for your next project.

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10 Item(s)


Are looking for traffic and safety equipment for different workplaces? Then you have come to the right place. First on the list is School/ University safety, we offer nationwide delivery and 30 day account for junior and senior schools. The best selling product to the education sector is the heavy duty logo mat, perfect for creating the main impression at your main entrance. There is a range of speed bumps, portable barrier posts, traffic cones and signs to boost the safety of children. Next on the list  Warehouse/ factory safety, where the defender range of warehouse crash barriers, safety signs and convex mirrors are best sellers. For facilities management Pittman are trusted suppliers for safety signage, traffic calming solutions, impact protection and bollards. Next on the list Airports, Pittman has anti-fatigue matting for security areas, impact recovery bollards, GNR park rubber wheel stops are the main attractions. For Car Parks, Pittman’s 50mm speed bumps are the best selling in this sector. For events safety, cable ramps and cable covers are the products available. With large stocks available for all the sectors, Pittman can provide unrivalled service ensuring fast delivery. 


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