Eco Aluminium Storage Crates

Size: 728 x 548 x 405
SKU: 862293
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Stackable Aluminium Storage Crates

Delivery: Normally 3 - 4 Weeks

  • Made from highly durable aluminium
  • Smooth surface for professional finish
  • Integrated handles for easy lifting
  • Stackable - ideal for long term storage
  • Lids available upon request

Note: Internal dimensions are shown

Anti Rust
Heavy Duty
Shatter resistant
1 Year Warranty
Professional Use

The Eco Aluminium Storage Crates are a highly durable, highly effective product when it comes to storage and logistics solutions.  Available in multiple sizes, each crate is made with high-quality aluminium that is sure to last a long time while in use.  Each crate is also fitted with integrated handles that ensure quick and easy lifting is possible.

The aluminium storage crates are perfect for moving goods and items from one place to the next and offer excellent logistics solutions for long and short term purposes. Each crate can be stacked on top of the next and makes them excellent for storing items long term.

The smooth finish on the outside of the crates makes them perfect for use in a professional environment and ideal for transporting key items or important documents. What's more, these aluminium storage boxes can include a separate lid to keep the contents safe.