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10 Item(s)

Height Restriction Barriers

What is a height restrection barrier used for?

Height restriction barriers can be installed into premises to help deter larger HGVs or LGVs from entering the area. These barriers serve as a warning to the drivers of these vehicles that they should not enter the area and that the way forward is intended for smaller vehicles only.  These height restriction barriers are used in the likes of warehouses, multi-storey car parks and more. Quick and easy to install the barriers will serve an excellent purpose and will provide service for a long time.

Height restrictor barriers such as the Compact Vehicle Height Restriction Barrier - Pivot Style can be installed direclty into the ground in the area you need it.  These barriers can be installed into the ground easily and come in 5 different widths. For larger areas you can even install 2 of these barriers together to cover a wider clearance distance. These height restriction barriers can be unlocked and turned if needed, allowing temporary access to the likes of HGVs in particular areas. As an added extra you can also purchase a nudge bar that is available in 3 different sizes and can be extended, if needed. The nudge bar helps to deter drivers of larger vehicles from entering through if they were thinking about it. 

Another popular product is the the Compact Vehicle Height Restriction Barrier - instead of having just one post and crossbar this excellent barrier utilises two posts in order to cover the entire width of a road with just one unit.

Are there height restriction barriers that can be bolted directly to a ceiling?

If you require a height restriction barrier for an underground or multi-storey car park we could highly recommend the Plastic Car Park Height Restrictor with Suspension Chains. These excellent height restrictors can be installed directly into a low ceiling to deter the entry of HGVs where required. The bright red and white reflective colours on this item are sure to be seen by most drivers, especially in darker indoor environments.

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