Cast Iron Bollards

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Cast Iron Bollards

Cast Iron Bollards are often used for decorative purposes on streets and roadways. They are also used as physical barriers to deter entry where and when they are needed. Cast Iron Bollards come in different forms - they can be surface and sub-surface mounted.

What are cast iron bollards?

Cast iron bollards are posts made from cast iron material. They are usually made with a contemporary design for using in public spaces. Cast iron bollards are often used to direct vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Where to use cast iron bollards?

Cast iron bollards are often used on paths and car parks. They are installed for decorative purposes and to direct traffic. The tough design makes them perfect for outdoor environments. 

Why use cast iron bollards?

Use cast iron bollards for a number of different reasons - 

  • Modern, stylish design 
  • Highly durable for outdoor use
  • Easy installation on site
  • Direct vehicle and pedstrian traffic
  • Perfect for cities, towns and urban areas

The Followill Fixed Bollard is ideal for public spaces. Each bollard can be cast into concrete for instant installation on site. You can also combine with retention sockets in case the bollards need to be removed. The modern design of the Followill bollard makes it suitable for many environments.

Another option is the Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard. This bollard comes with an almost mirror sheen and is perfect for professional environments. The bollard can also be equipped with reflective strips for use in car parks and business premises. The stainless steel design makes it ideal for plenty of outdoor areas.

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