Keep Left Bollard

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Keep Left Bollard

Use a keep left bollard to direct traffic. Keep left bollards can be easily installed on site for instant use. The bollards are ideal for using at junctions, entances, exits and car park facilities.

What is a keep left bollard?

A keep left bollard is a post used to direct vehicle traffic. The arrow left symbol is used to direct drivers to the correct lane or junction. These bollards are commonly used at car parks entrances and exits. Using the keep left posts Reduces the risk of vehicle collisions and makes it easier for drivers to navigate an area. 

Why use a keep left bollard?

Use a keep left bollard to make it easier for drivers. Installing the bollards reduces the risk of accidents. The bollards can help to delineate lanes, turns and traffic islands.

Where to install keep left bollards?

Keep left bollards are commonly installed at junctions, traffic islands and car parks. 

what is a keep left bollard?

The Flexbrite Delineator Flexible Sign provides an instant keep left message for drivers. The highly visible left arrow directs drivers where needed and can be easily installed on site. The flexible nature of the bollard also makes it highly robust for car parks and more. Should impact occur from a vehicle the bollard will bend to reduce damage to the car and the bollard. If required the keep left bollard can also be equipped with other symbols, such as  no entry, double arrows and more.

The keep left bollards are typically installed at traffic islands and junctions. They are used to highlight the right path for drivers and to discourage crossing lines or markings on the road. These keep left posts are also used at the top and bottom of traffic islands. The Versaflex Flexible Bollard is often used for this purpose. Bolt down onto traffic island for the instant delineation for vehicles. The highly reflective markings allow them to be seen night and day.

keep left road bollard

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