Street Bollards

street bollards

The Best Quality Street Bollards Delivered FAST - Large Stocks Available

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31 Item(s)

Street Bollards

Choose Pittman for a wide range of street bollards and road bollards delivered fast from stock. We keep plenty in stock in our warehouses for FAST delivery directly to your door or site. 

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How do you install street bollards?

Street bollards are usually bolted down or installed directly into concrete, depending on the bollard you purchase. 

For instance our our most popular bollard, the Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard, can be installed directly into concrete immediately. It can also be used with retention sockets if you plan to remove them at some point or save on repeat excavations.

If you are looking for a quicker install time try our Stainless Steel Bollard for surface mount - the base plate allows for bolting directly into the ground fast, ideal for fast install on site.

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Can road bollards be equipped with chain?

Yes, we have a selection of road bollards that can be equipped with chain. Our most popular bollard is the Henley Fixed Bollard - this highly attractive steel bollard can be installed directly into concrete and can be equipped with chain eyes and chain in order to close off larger areas or to provide the finishing touch to a project. Each bollard is made from hot-dip galvanised steel and is perfect for supporting the weight of steel chain.

Can I purchase flexible street bollards?

Yes, at Pittman we have 2 excellent flexible street bollards. The Flexbrite City Bollard and the Flexbrite Metro Bollard. These street bollard come with an excellent modern design, ideal for public spaces. Because they are made from an extremely tough polyurethane they can bend on impact should they occur, ideal for protecting important assets while providing a modern style design to your premises. 

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