Reflective Bollard

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19 Item(s)

Reflective Bollard

Use a reflective bollard to delineate areas for drivers. Reflective bollards make it easier for drivers to see lanes, junctions, infrastructure and more. Highlighting these for drivers help to increase road safety and reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

What is a reflective bollard?

A reflective bollard is a post marked with hi-vis markings or strips. The reflective nature of the bollard makes it ideal for delineating roadsides. At night vehicle headlights will shine and reflective off the bollard, making it easier for drivers to see them and react accordingly.

Where to use a reflective bollard?

Use a reflective bollard to highlight junctions, corners or bends, lanes, roundabouts and much more. Reflective bollards can be installed directly into the area in question. Depending on the bollard type you can install directly into concrete or bolt to the surface. 

Why use a reflective bollard?

Use a reflective bollard to - 

  • Highlight danger to drivers
  • Separate lanes of traffic
  • Provide better road visibility for drivers 
  • Create safer roads

what is a reflective bollard?

The Autobahn Reflective Flexi Post can be used to delineate areas for drivers. Each post is highly reflective and will surely be seen by drivers when in use. The post is equipped with white and red markings from top to bottom to ensure maximum visibility. The bollard is also flexible - it will bend on impact should it occur. This reduces damage to both the bollard and the impacting vehicle. The separate base and post also allows for easier replacement should damage occur.

The C-Max Delineator Post is the most visible flexi post in Ireland is ideal for roadway delineation. The bollard is 60% covered in 3M reflective sheeting. This reflective bollard will provide highly visibility for public roads while in use. They are also ideal for using in areas with cycling lanes and infrastructure. 

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