Industrial Steel Bollards

Reduce Risk of Warehouse Accidents With Industrial Steel Bollards

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26 Item(s)

Industrial Steel Bollards

At Pittman we have a fantastic range of industrial steel bollards - all suitable for using in various environment types and for various uses that will give you the best and most durable product available. We keep large stocks that enable us to deliver steel bollards to you FAST and help you fit your site in a short space of time and meet project deadlines when you need it most.

What are industrial steel bollards used for?

Industrial steel bollards can be used in various environments in order to protect assets from impact damage, delineate areas to prevent entry and more. Our industrial steel bollards can be installed quickly and easily and will provide years of use while helping you to minimise damage in your workplace.

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Our Defender Warehouse Bollard Sub-Surface 89mm can be installed into concrete quickly and easily and is perfect for using in the likes of warehouses or freight depots where it will withstand bumps from vehicles. These steel bollards can be used to deter entry into an area or they can be placed near infrastructure in order to reduce or even prevent impact damage. Each heavy-duty bollard is made from hot-dip galvanised steel and will not rust, even if chipped or scratched and used outdoors.

Where to use industrial steel bollards?

In order to reduce damage to both the bollard and the impacting vehicle it may be best to use a flexible post - our Defender Steel Flexible Post can provide excellent protection to assets while also giving way in the instance impact occurs. Each steel flexible post is fitted with rubber springs in the bottom of the bollard that will help the bollard to bend during impact, ideal for areas with forklift or work vehicle activity.

Should you require something simple for the likes of a forecourt or similar area our Forecourt Steel Bollard Post - made for quick insertion into concrete with the added chain eye holes in the instance you need to hang chain between multiple bollards.

industrial steel bollards

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