Defender Warehouse Bollard (Sub-Surface) Ø 89mm

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Sub-Surface for Permanent Asset Protection

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  • 1300(H) x 89(W) mm
  • 900mm height above ground when installed
  • Hot dip galvanised - will never rust or corrode
  • Sub-surface mount - fast installation in concrete
  • Reflective black bands - high visibility at all times
  • Ideal for factories, industrial areas, MOT centres etc
  • Highly durable German made bollard
  • Chain eyes available if required

Also available in 76mm round and 70mm square design - call us for a quote.

Anti Rust
Concrete In
Hot-Dip Galvanised
Heavy Duty
High Visibility

Product Specifications:

  • Total Height: 1300mm
  • Installed height: 900mm above ground
  • Post diameter:Ø 76mm
  • Material: Hot-dip galvanised steel

The Defender Barrier Sub-Surface Post is a highly durable post that is suitable for providing excellent impact protection in many kinds of environments. The 900mm high post provides an excellent means of protecting certain areas from restricted entry; a problem that has been seen with many businesses.

Each sub-surface post gives excellent security measures to a business or warehouse premises by providing highly durable posts that can restrict entry to private or restricted areas.

Made from hot-dip galvanised steel each post provides excellent durability over time and is resistant to rusting and corroding, even if chipped or scratched outdoors. What's more, each post is fitted with black reflective bands to ensure that they will be seen - especially when it comes to vehicle headlights in dark conditions.

These high-quality industrial steel bollards are perfect for protecting the likes of warehouse racking, columns and corners - especially with busy areas where forklifts and pallet trucks may be in use. Having heavy duty bollards in place in these areas can help to protect them from damage and will in turn help to reduce costs in terms of infrastructure and assets.

How to install Defender barrier sub surface posts

Each bollard can be installed directly into concrete quickly and easily and comes with an anchor bar that will keep it stable and secure while installed, helping to provide a long-lasting bollard option for your area.

If you need to cordon off larger areas we can also provide you with chain eyes that can be quickly and easily screwed into the top of the bollard. Using chains you can then create a barrier that spans over a larger area.