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Cable Tidy

What is a cable tidy used for?

Use a cable tidy to protect exposed wires and cables. Using a cable tidy protects the wires and cables from damage and reduces the risk of tripping.

How to install cable tidy?

The cable tidy is loose lay and requires no installation. All you have to do is lay the cable tidy out and insert the cables to protect them.

Many people in the UK have workplace accidents due to tripping, and loose and trailing cables are behind quite a few of these incidents. Careful cable management can mitigate incidences of trips and falls and provide a safer environment for your employees. In many cases cable protection is a Health & Safety requirement too in offices, on shop floors and in warehouses. Cable protectors are also required outdoors in parking areas at roads, construction sites and elsewhere to keep workers safe from temporary electrical cables, while cable ramps are also useful in traffic calming.

For pedestrian safety when it comes to exposed wires and cables our CR2 Pedestrian Cable Cover can be deployed to site quickly and easily and can protect several power cables while reducing trip hazards.

PITTMAN stock a wide range of cable protection equipment, from hose ramps and cable protection ramps. Cable Ramps are quick and easy to apply to floors, with no need for bolting, making them an excellent choice as a temporary option for protecting cables. Ideal for use where cables, wires and pipes are present on walkways or in driving areas since protectors are durable enough to withstand the weight of HGVs and forklifts. Cables have three different channels for wires and cables of different thicknesses. Their high visibility colours ensure ramps can easily be seen.

The GHP Rubber Cable Tidy offers effective cable protection in offices and in factory environments whilst allowing cards and trolleys to pass over uninterrupted. The non-slip surface reduces the risk of an employee slipping as well as tripping over wires. Suitable for keeping computer cables, phone wires or any other type of cable secured and covered. Designed predominantly for indoor use the cable tidy can be used for temporary outdoor use too.

how do you use a cable tidy?

The HR2 Hose Cable Protection Ramp can be used for areas of heavy traffic including HGVs and other vehicles up to 40 tonnes. Where deployed speed should be restricted to 5 mph – indicated by appropriate signage. The high strength ramp is ideal for use by emergency services, at construction sites and for event management. These simple to lay cable ramps feature bright yellow covers making them easy to see while the supplied end caps ensure there are no trip hazards at either end of the cable protector. Corner sections can be supplied to enable coverage of cables that go around bends, and cable protectors can be expanded via use of an interlocking system.

For larger hoses and cables use our HR4 Hose Ramp, ideal for more industrial size hoses and cables where HGVs are concerned

For help in identifying the right type of cable protection for you, contact our friendly, expert sales team on [email protected]   or call us on 01 531 2111.

Cable Tidy


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