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Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Park BenchBenito Citizen Eco Recycled Park Bench
SKU: 713648
Benito Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Park Bench
Sale price€599.00ex VAT
100% Recycled & Maintenance-Free
benito cube planterBenito Kube Planter
SKU: 713666
Benito Benito Kube Planter
Sale price€440.00ex VAT
Decorate Streetscapes to Boost Aesthetic
Benito Dara Litter BinBenito Dara Litter Bin
SKU: 713653
Benito Benito Dara Litter Bin
Benito Piknik Picnic Tablebenito piknik picnic table set
SKU: 713686
Benito Benito Piknik Picnic Table
Benito Kube Madera Concrete BenchBenito Kube Madera Concrete Bench
SKU: 713658
Benito Benito Kube Madera Concrete Bench
Benito Taulat Tree GrilleBenito Taulat Tree Grille
SKU: 713679
Benito Benito Taulat Tree Grille
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Benito Gavarres Litter Binbenito gavarres litter bin
SKU: p-713692
Benito Benito Gavarres Litter Bin
Neobarcino BenchNeobarcino Bench
SKU: 713640
Benito Neobarcino Bench
Sale price€649.00ex VAT
Extra Durable Tropical Hardwood
Benito Kuk Picnic TableBenito Kuk Picnic Table
SKU: 713684
Benito Benito Kuk Picnic Table
Benito Gavarres Park BenchBenito Gavarres Park Bench
SKU: 713687
Benito Benito Gavarres Park Bench
Benito Vertebra Park BenchBenito Vertebra Park Bench
SKU: 713693
Benito Benito Vertebra Park Bench
benito gea litter binBenito Gea Litter Bin
SKU: 713696
Benito Benito Gea Litter Bin
Sustainable Litter Disposal for Urban Settings
Barcelona Flexible BollardBarcelona Flexible Bollard
SKU: 713677
Benito Barcelona Flexible Bollard
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
100% Recyclable Composite Material
Benito Citizen Wooden Park BenchBenito Citizen Wooden Park Bench
SKU: 713645
Benito Benito Citizen Wooden Park Bench
Maintenance-Free for Life
Benito Lisa PlanterBenito Lisa Planter
SKU: 713669
Benito Benito Lisa Planter
Benito Gavarres Picnic Table SetBenito Gavarres Picnic Table Set
SKU: 713685
Benito Benito Gavarres Picnic Table Set
Benito Mey Bike RackBenito Mey Bike Rack
SKU: 713674
Benito Benito Mey Bike Rack
Benito Argo Plus Litter Binbenito argo plus litter bin
SKU: 713652
Benito Benito Argo Plus Litter Bin
Benito Hospitalet Steel BollardBenito Hospitalet Steel Bollard
SKU: 713678
Benito Benito Hospitalet Steel Bollard
Benito Olea Corten Steel PlanterBenito Olea Corten Steel Planter
SKU: 713672
Benito Benito Olea Corten Steel Planter
Sale priceFrom €959.00ex VAT
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Benito EcoSens Recycled Park BenchBenito EcoSens Recycled Park Bench
SKU: 713650
Benito Benito EcoSens Recycled Park Bench
Benito Kube Concrete TableBenito Kube Concrete Table
SKU: 713665
Benito Benito Kube Concrete Table
Benito Pik Picnic TableBenito Pik Picnic Table
SKU: 713683
Benito Benito Pik Picnic Table
Benito Kube Concrete BenchBenito Kube Concrete Bench
SKU: 713655
Benito Benito Kube Concrete Bench
Concrete Seating to Last a Lifetime
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Benito Street Furniture provides a sustainable and eco-friendly range for Irish streetscapes. The Benito range includes a wide range of park benches, picnic tables, litter bins, and planters. Make public spaces more accessible to locals while boosting the overall look and feel of the area. 

Need a quote on Benito street furniture? Contact our experts today for the best quotes and expert advice for your next street project. 

Why choose Benito street furniture?

Benito street furniture is Europe's leading eco-friendly street furniture brand. Choose Benito for -

• Sustainable street furniture options for Irish streetscapes

• Modern, stylish designs suited to almost any town or city

• Little to no maintenance for installers


Eco-friendly street furniture is green by nature, meaning it has the environment in mind and minimises footprints. Eco-friendly street furniture aims to reduce waste and energy usage during products and use. While Benito park benches, litter bins and planters are eco-friendly, the design is never compromised.

Read our blog Benito Street Furniture Range to Create More More Sustainable Boost to Irish Streetscapes for more information on Benito and sustainability.

No maintenance with the Benito street furniture range

The Benito range includes many materials that reduce the need for maintenance and replacement in public areas. Benches, picnic tables and bins are available in FSC certified timber and 100% recycled polymers. These materials help with boosting the life-span of the products while reducing the need for regular maintenance by council staff. 

The Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Park Bench provides a maintenance-free design for a lifetime. The hard-wearing material will not crack, dry or rot outdoors and is highly suited to the Irish weather. Scuffs can also be buffed out easily using standard sandpaper and a blowtorch.

See the full range of Benito street furniture for your next public space project - 

Planters - separate pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists while boosting urban colour and vibrancy

Benches and PIcnic Tables - provide a place for pedestrians to sit and rest while enjoying local amenities

Litter bins - encourage pedestrians to throw away their rubbish and keep public spaces clean