Benito Kuk Picnic Table

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  • 1500(L) x 1441(W) x 750(H)mm
  • 450mm high seat
  • REBNEW recycled plastic - maintenance free for life
  • Highly resistant to weather, acids or seawater
  • Will not splinter or crack during use - highly durable
  • Will not absorb water - dries fast
  • 100% recyclable - environmentally friendly
  • Easy installation directly into concrete
  • Normally delivered via truck - forklift required for unloading

The Benito Kuk Picnic Table provides a high-quality seating option for outdoor spaces. The picnic tables can be installed in outdoor areas and provide sitting areas for pedestrians in urban or green spaces. Combine with local amenities or town centres to boost local business and encourage more use of the area. 

Each picnic table is made from a highly durable REBNEW recycled plastic material. This material is 100% recyclable and will provide a maintenance-free design for life. The plastic will not chip, rot or crack while in use outdoors. They are also heavily resistant to harsh weather, oils, chemicals or seawater, making them suitable for a variety of environments. 

The picnic table set won't absorb water while outdoors. Any scuffs can be sanded out and blowtorched to return them to their original state. The material also helps to deflect graffiti and reduce vandalism when used in urban areas. 

Install directly into concrete for instant use on site. Simply bolt down for a permanent seating option.