Get Ready For Winter

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Refined Coarse De-Icing Granular SaltRefined Coarse De-Icing Granular Salt
SKU: 750230
Pittman® Refined Coarse De-Icing Granular Salt
Sale price€790.00ex VAT
Keep Walkways Clear During Icy Weather
EZ Street Pothole RepairEZ Street Pothole Repair
SKU: 753101
EZ Street EZ Street Pothole Repair
Sale price€46.00ex VAT
Permanent Repair Solution for Potholes
Guzzler Indoor Mat Guzzler Indoor Mat in Reception
SKU: 860312
Notrax Guzzler™ Entrance Mat
Sale priceFrom €74.95ex VAT
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GHP Rubber MatGHP Rubber Mat
SKU: 712101
Pittman® GHP Rubber Mat
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
Our Best Selling Multi-Purpose Mat Delivered Fast
Slow Slippery Surface Sign with Stand
SKU: 815952
Pittman® Slow Slippery Surface Sign with Stand
Sale price€79.50ex VAT
Slippery Surface Sign - Portable
SKU: 815953
Pittman® Slippery Surface Sign - Portable
Sale price€79.60ex VAT
Logo Standard™ Entrance MatLogo Standard™ Entrance Mat
SKU: 899048
Notrax Logo Standard™ Entrance Mat
Sale priceFrom €99.00ex VAT
Tailored Logo Mat To Suit Your Brand
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Logo Imperial™ Entrance MatLogo Imperial™ Entrance Mat
SKU: 899053
Notrax Logo Imperial™ Entrance Mat
Sale priceFrom €108.50ex VAT
Offers 3D Effect, Fine Lines And Colour Shading
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Economy Salt Spreader 23kgEconomy Salt Spreader 23kg
SKU: 750713
Pittman® Economy Salt Spreader 23kg
Sale price€310.00ex VAT

At Pittman we have an excellent range of products that can help you get ready for Winter. The most important thing during Winter weather is to be prepared and to have the right products available when you need them most, especially when operating a business and you need to keep it going.

What can I do to prepare my business for Winter?

The harsh Winter weather can be a thorn in the side of many Irish businesses - if you are not prepared you may have to face closure and risk losing business, not to mention customers that do visit you may be at risk. Use our refined de-icing salt to help keep pathways and roads clear - it is important to deploy the salt before snow or ice forms to ensure the best possible results. The de-icing salt is available in single 25kg bags or a pallet of 49 bags and be deployed straight to the ground. The de-icing salt is also white as opposed to brown salt that is sometimes seen on roads - this white salt will leave less residue. For storing the de-icing salt also see our range of De-Icing Salt/Grit Bins

If snow has already fallen use our Snow Shovel to quickly move snow out of the way. This high quality shovel is lightweight and easy to use and is equipped with a tough plastic scoop. The gripped handle will also help you to keep control of the shovel when in use.

It is also important to notify both pedestrians and motorists that the area they are in may be slippery and cause a danger to them - our Slippery Surface Sign or Slow Slippery Surface Sign is ideal for deploying to site quickly and easily. Each unit comes with a 600 x 600mm dibond sign and frame stanchion to display the sign with great ease.

Get Ready For Winter