Heavy Duty Mats and Matting

Increase Vehicle Hygiene at Transport and Freight Depots

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Fosse Biomats
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Disinfectant Twin Track Traffic MatsDisinfectant Twin Track Traffic Mats
SKU: 861960
Fosse Disinfectant Twin Track Traffic Mats
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Railway TrackmatsRailway Trackmats
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Fosse Railway Trackmats
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Takmats Multi-Layer Floor MattingTakmats Multi-Layer Floor Matting
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Fosse Takmats Multi-Layer Floor Matting
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Track GripTrack Grip
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Fosse Track Grip
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Are you looking for Heavy Duty Mats and Matting? Then you have come to the right place. These Railway Trackmats are hydrophobic absorbent sheet prevents oil leaking onto tracks and sleeper. These protects the rivers and ground water supplies from pollution. The trackmat provides an efficient and secure method of preventing track ballast and railway sleepers from becoming contaminated with oil. It is constructed using a sturdy oil selective hydrophobic sheet that repels water. The tough backing also prevents any oil seepage while that mat feature non-conductive eyelets and a rope to simply fix in place on the sleepers

Next on the list is Track Grip, it is slip and frame resistant, and its is resistant to many chemicals. The track grip provides another slip yet effective way to protect track ballast from oil contamination. It is slip and flame resistant and is made from material that will not rot, splinter or wear out. It has superb resistance to many chemicals and also features excellent electrical and sound insulation properties. The track grip can be used in combination with Trackmat for comprehensive environmental protection and track safety.

Next on the list is Takmats, it is free standing, multi-layered floor mats. It has multiple layers with 36layers per mat. Each layer of the mat is coated with non-transferable resin. It is placed at the entrance to sensitive areas, they compel people to step on and off the mat. Loose particles on the soles are detached and remain with resin. As the layers become saturated with dirt, they are peeled away and reveal new clean layer underneath. This and such products are available at Pittman traffic and safety equipment website.


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