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Autobahn Fold Down Parking PostAutobahn Fold Down Parking Post
SKU: 752336
Autobahn Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post
Sale priceFrom €229.50ex VAT
Our Best-Selling Fold Down Parking Post
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Autobahn Removable Parking PostAutobahn Removable Parking Post
SKU: 752319
Pittman® Autobahn Removable Parking Post
Sale priceFrom €189.00ex VAT
Deter and Allow Entry on Private Premises
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HD Removable Steel BollardHD Removable Steel Bollard
SKU: 895873
Pittman® HD Removable Steel Bollard
Sale price€169.50ex VAT
Best Value Removable Steel Bollard Delivered Fast
Cobain Wide Arm Fold Down BollardCobain Wide Arm Fold Down Bollard
SKU: 822868
Autobahn Cobain Wide Arm Fold Down Bollard
Sale price€329.50ex VAT
Wide Arm Reduces Gap Between Spaces
Autobahn RX70 Removable Bollard
SKU: 752345
Autobahn Autobahn RX70 Removable Bollard
Sale price€189.50ex VAT
Hot-Dip Galvanised Steel to Reduce Rusting
Autobahn Car Park BarrierAutobahn Car Park Barrier
SKU: 822074
Autobahn Autobahn Car Park Barrier
Sale priceFrom €1,260.00ex VAT
Full Steel Design For Long-Lasting Access Control
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BudgetBollard Fixed Security Bollard
SKU: 752190
Pittman® BudgetBollard Fixed Security Bollard
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Autobahn Impact Recovery BollardAutobahn Impact Recovery Bollard
SKU: 752439
Autobahn Autobahn Impact Recovery Bollard
Sale price€120.00ex VAT
Flexible Steel Protection for Warehouse Assets
Autobahn 510 Parking PostAutobahn 510 Parking Post
SKU: 752342
Autobahn Autobahn 510 Parking Post
Sale price€157.79ex VAT
Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain EyesAutobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes
SKU: 752448
Autobahn Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes
Autobahn Steel Barrier PostAutobahn Steel Barrier Post
SKU: 752440
Autobahn Autobahn Steel Barrier Post
Sale price€107.50ex VAT
BudgetBollard Fold-Down Driveway PostBudgetBollard Fold-Down Driveway Post
SKU: 752202
Pittman® BudgetBollard Fold-Down Driveway Post
Sale price€89.50ex VAT
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Autobahn Swivelling GateAutobahn Swivelling Gate
SKU: 822046
Autobahn Autobahn Swivelling Gate
Sale priceFrom €1,032.00ex VAT
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BudgetBollard Driveway Parking PostBudgetBollard Driveway Parking Post
SKU: 752175
Pittman® BudgetBollard Driveway Parking Post
Sale priceFrom €129.50ex VAT
Our Best Value Removable Bollard
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What are Parking Posts?

Parking posts are bollards typically made out of steel which acts to prevent unauthorised access to an area or to control movement within a car park.

PITTMAN is Ireland's leading supplier of bollards, parking posts and barriers have a wide range allowing you to select the most appropriate parking post for your workplace or car park.

Parking posts come in many different formats and designs including folding posts, bollards removable from a ground socket, telescopic parking posts with a powder coated finish and many more. In general parking posts are ideal for parking spaces and driveways provide high security for nearby assets and vehicles while in use. With bollards fixed into place they provide you with an excellent theft deterrent for your home or business. Some bollards are fixed with hitch locks and come with a lock supplied with 2 keys or more, in most cases.

What kind of Parking Posts can I purchase from Pittman?

Parking posts can be removable which means they can be taken out of the ground to temporarily grant access to an area within the car park or indeed to just a specific parking space. The Driveway Parking Post is a favourite with our private customers for domestic use but is also suitable for low traffic quieter areas in schools, delivery areas and hotels. This parking post comes with a ground socket which is fitted with a flap hinged cover to protect the socket when not in use.

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A Recycled Barrier Post can also be used as a fixed barrier i.e. to be concreted or bolted into position permanently to block off an area, close an unused entrance or even to protect an asset e.g. plant / machinery or a pay station. For fixed parking posts you have two main options: rigid or flexible. An example of a steel (rigid) parking post is the Paystation Bollard which as the name suggests is used for protecting assets within a car park. The second option is a flexible bollard which acts mainly as a visual deterrent, can withstands impacts and therefore reduces damage to both the post itself and to vehicles. Don't forget we offer Parking Posts Installation.

Many of our posts come with reflective bands to boost visibility and reduce impacts in poor lighting conditions or dark rainy nights. Our parking posts offer excellent value for money. Our product pages will detail the features of each bollard – remember areas with heavier traffic (e.g. train station set down areas, busy multi-storey car parks) will need heavy duty bollards which have a thicker diameter, taller overall height, galvanised rust-free finish and reflective bands. Whereas light duty environments (e.g. domestic, quiet secluded areas of car park) may be alright with our BudgetBollard range.

For urban areas where you need to prevent entry to vehicles our Recycled Barrier Post can be installed into concrete for the utmost in durability, with excellent resistance to vandalism.



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