Autobahn Swivelling Gate

Style Price Quantity
Swivelling Gate 2000mm (822046)
€1,032.00ex VAT
€1,269.36inc VAT
Swivelling Gate 2500mm (822064)
€1,080.00ex VAT
€1,328.40inc VAT
Swivelling Gate 3000mm (822082)
€1,128.00ex VAT
€1,387.44inc VAT
Swivelling Gate 3500mm (822100)
€1,176.00ex VAT
€1,446.48inc VAT
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Highly durable and highly visible Autobahn Swivelling Gate that provides excellent security and protection to premises

  • Available in 2000mm to 3500mm clearance
  • 950mm high above ground
  • Gate arm - 60mm Ø
  • Main post - 102mm Ø
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel - will not rust or corrode
  • Highly visible reflective bands - easily seen
  • Concrete in - easy installation
  • Lock with most standard padlocks
  • Smooth swing motion - easy use at all times
Concrete In
High Visibility
Hot-Dip Galvanised

The Autobahn Swivelling Gate is a highly durable and highly visible barrier that restricts entry to unauthorised drivers when used in car parks, sites or any kind of business premises.  This gate uses a swivel motion, in that is cemented into an area on one post and the main gate swivels into place when it is closed.  When in use it provides excellent deterrence to unwanted traffic into particular areas and can be opened and closed by authorised persons with general ease.

To lock the gate most normal sized padlocks will suffice, with no need for any large or bulky locks.

    • The gate is hot dip galvanised, meaning it will not rust or corrode during its usage.  It can withstand all kinds of weather conditions all through the year
    • Uses highly visible white hoops on the main frame of the gate to ensure it is seen by all motorists in the area
    • Can be closed over and locked easily by any employee or other similar person
    • When cementing the Autobahn gate into the ground you must ensure that you place it at least 500mm deep to ensure that it remains firmly in place at all times
    • Can be installed quite quickly compared to other similar barriers or gates

Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment ensure you get the best quality product when ordering from us – order the Autobahn Swivelling Gate now and we can deliver it to you in just a few weeks


  • Height 950mm above ground

  • 500mm below ground

  • Steel tube 102mm diameter

  • Locks every 90º degrees positions around the gate