Pothole Repair

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EZ Street Pothole RepairEZ Street Pothole Repair
SKU: 753101
EZ Street EZ Street Pothole Repair
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Permanent Repair Solution for Potholes
EZ Street Cold Asphalt 1 Ton Bag Pothole RepairEZ Street Cold Asphalt 1 Ton Bag Pothole Repair
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EZ Street EZ Street Cold Asphalt 1 Ton Bag Pothole Repair
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PITTMAN keep EZ STREET in stock - pothole repair kits delivered to your door with free delivery - a permanent solution to potholes!

Potholes present a real danger to our roads, and the recent winters have only exacerbated the problem. Cold asphalt when used as a repair material can make the job or repairing holes easier, faster and cost-effective. Easy to use, the product can simply be thrown into potholes, filled with water and compacted, then simply left and this process can even be carried out on rainy or cold days.

The EZ Street pothole repair kit does not require mixing or a tack coat, so it can be applied to wet or dry surfaces with no prior preparation. This applies weather you need to apply to an asphalt overlay, pothole repair or an edge repair.

As soon as the repair has been completed the road is ready to be driven over and re-opened to traffic, meaning less disruption and reduced risks and frustration for drivers. And, since the job requires little downtime for employees you save on man-hours. No special equipment is required, either, the cold asphalt can be used straight out of the bag making it suitable for parking lot repair as well as road potholes. The kit is suitable for use at home or for businesses, providing a cost-effective and highly effective solution to potholes.

 EZ Street cold asphalt is a unique, polymer-modified product that competes well with hot pothole repair mix. Available in 1 ton bags The Pothole Repair Asphalt is suitable for use over concrete, tarmac and brick, and is ideal for larger road maintenance jobs, for when numerous potholes need to be covered, or deeper trenches filled. Also available in smaller bags suitable for smaller areas.

Cold asphalt can be stored for up to a year and is suitable for storing on trucks enabling workers to have the means to quickly repair potholes as and when required. Repairs are guaranteed to be permanent too, so you’ll never have to worry about revisiting the same sites again.

To help compact and compress repair materials into the tight areas in paths and tarmac the Tamper Compression Tool is the ideal companion to the Pothole Repair Kit. Made from long-lasting steel the tool features a heavy duty tubular handle.

Use our calculator to estimate exactly how much asphalt you require or message us at Pittman. And for expert advice on using the mix contact our friendly, expert sales team on sales@pittmantraffic.com.