Reflective Tape

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GHP Reflective TapeGHP Reflective Tape
SKU: 862711
Pittman® GHP Reflective Tape
Sale priceFrom €45.00ex VAT
Apply to Surfaces for Instant Delineation
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Retro Reflective Hi-Vis TapeRetro Reflective Hi-Vis Tape
SKU: 782718
Moravia Retro Reflective Hi-Vis Tape
Sale price€220.50ex VAT
Perfect For Dimly Lit Areas
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Luminescent Tape - Hi-Vis Warning TapeLuminescent Tape - Hi-Vis Warning Tape
SKU: 744350
Moravia Luminescent Tape - Hi-Vis Warning Tape
Sale priceFrom €273.00ex VAT
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At Pittman we have a great range of reflective tape and warning tape options that are perfect for many types of environments and situations. Reflective tapes are suitable for marking the likes of bollards, doorways, walls and more and create safe, manageable environments. Use these reflective tapes to create high-vis markings where it may be hard to see in darker situations, especially in instances where power might go out in a building, cars are using a car park at night and so on.

How do I apply reflective tape?

Reflective tape is easy to apply straight from the roll and can be inserted onto a surface to provide it with an instant means of being more visible. A perfect example is our GHP Reflective Tape – available in 45 metre rolls this tape is highly noticeable and comes with self-adhesive backing to allow it to be placed straight onto a surface. As always, we recommend that when applying the tape the surface is clean and dry of debris and moisture so that it will have the best chance of remaining intact. This tape is perfect for the likes of bollards that do not come fitted with a reflective strip, doorways that may need lighting up in a dark situation if power were to go out, car parks and and many more. The best part about this reflective tape is that it is available in 25mm or 50mm and in yellow or white and is ready straight off our shelf.

For heavier duty reflective tape we also have our Retro Reflecting Hi-Vis Tape – this warning tape comes with a choice of black and yellow or red and white chevrons that come in 2 rolls – each roll having the chevrons pointing in the other direction. Ready straight from the box, these reflective warning tapes are perfect for car parks, freight depots, warehouses and more.

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