1M Pipe Impact Protection Profile

Option: 85mm Magnetic
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Protects Cables, Pipes And Wires From Damage

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  • Suitable for pipes and other curved surfaces
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Self-adhesive or magnetic
  • Highly visible to all in the vicinity
  • Cut on site if needed
Easy Installation
Professional Use
High Visibility
Heavy Duty


Install curvature 40 (1m) impact protection foam in any area of your factory, warehouse, storage facility or loading bay to ensure that rails, vulnerable pipes, cables and other delicate areas are well protected.

In areas with frequent traffic, such as in storage and production areas, it is crucial to protect people, property and machinery in case of accidents. This kind of protection foam would typically be used on banisters or around pipes that require a shield from accidental impacts – especially in areas where electric and hand propelled machinery is present.

Manufactured from high grade, age resistant foam, this durable, highly resilient product is able to withstand impacts, ensuring higher safety standards all around. It is also fire resistant as well as CFC and silicon free. Use it as part of your standard safety equipment, as it not only acts as a barrier to absorb impact in an accidental bump, but it is also a visual deterrent and a visual warning to anyone near by.

Exceptionally easy to install, Curvature 40 (1M) Impact Protection Foam comes in various sizes to suit any requirements, is self adhesive and very easy to cut to preferred sizes with a sharp knife, taking only minutes to put in place.

Protection foam is the ideal product for any establishment to save costs in the long run, as it protects property and people. By installing impact protection you are not only shielding the delicate areas in your vicinity from potential damage, but you are ensuring that proper visual warnings are given where needed. Contact Pittman UK today, and find out more about how you can use Curvature 40 (1M) Impact Protection Foam in your business today.

  • 40mm ø: For pipes 30-50mm
  • 60mm ø: For pipes 50-70mm
  • 85mm ø: For pipes 70-100mm