Anti Slip Tape - Caution

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Reduce Slips and Falls on Steps

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  • 600(L) x 150(H) mm
  • Self-adhesive - easy install to steps
  • Slip resistant surface - provides excellent grip
  • Highly visible markings - easily seen
  • Apply to clean, dry surfaces
Easy Installation
High Visibility

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, but with the availability of the Anti-Slip Walk-safe Tape “Caution” 600 x 150mm in the UK, you’re able to effectively warn people to mind their step. In environments where floors are slippery such as those with polished surfaces, it is important that people know the risk involved with walking in these areas. By placing the tape on steps, entrances and along corridors, people will be prompted to practise extra caution, which in turn will reduce the likelihood of an accident that may lead to injuries.

The Non-slip Walk-safe Tape “Caution” 600 x 150mm is yellow and black (colours that are used to inform people of potentially hazardous conditions) and has the word, “caution” inserted in the middle of the rectangular sign in black. The choice of colours also affords you with a highly visible strip that can be seen in low lit areas. The cautionary instruction is in upper case to ensure that everyone can read it. To avoid the strip from being slippery it is constructed from anti-slip materials.

Placing the safety of those who use your facility should take top priority. Such a task should include relevant use of safety equipment and informative, regulative and warning sign placement in and around your building. Purchasing the Non-slip Walk-safe Tape “Caution” 600 x 150mm online will ensure that you have a safer environment for you and others to utilise.

Installing the Non-slip Walk-safe Tape “Caution” 600 x 150mm is a simple process that won’t take up much of your time. Order yours today