Anti Slip Tape IPA Cleaner

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  • 1 litre bottle
  • Easy to apply - clean the area using a cloth
  • Only requires small amounts at a time
  • Removes grease, residue etc. before applying tape
  • Better longevity for anti-slip tape

The Anti Slip Tape IPA Cleaner lets you easily and quickly clean the surface of the area where you need to apply the anti slip tape. It doesn’t leave greasy residue behind like other cleaners. This gives you the ideal setting for the tape to bond with the ground, giving you an extra long life with the tape. It can be applied in seconds, and you can apply the anti-slip tape immediately.

All you need to apply the Anti Slip Tape IPA Cleaner is a cloth, and it is dry within seconds. Only a small amount of liquid is required to prepare the surface, so the 1-litre bottle will give you substantial usage.

• Clean the surface where you need to stick anti-slip tape quickly

• Anyone can do it, just put a tiny about of the cleaner on a cloth and rub the surface.

• Removes any residue that might stop the tape from sticking to the surface, unlike other cleaners

The Anti Slip Tape IPA Cleaner is highly effective, but it must be used with precaution like all chemicals. Make sure to read the safety data sheet before you use the cleaner for the safety of you and others around you.  Once it’s used safely, it can have excellent benefits for safety in your factory or home. Your anti-slip tape will maintain its bond for much longer. Order online with Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment, and we’ll deliver direct to you.