Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet™

Option: FSC1: 505(w)x540(d)x980(h)mm
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Secure Cabinet With Flameproof Vents

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  • 1.5mm & 2mm Steel
  • Powder coated red for high visibility
  • Fire resistant for up to 30 mins
  • Sump base prevents leakage
  • Fitted with 5-lever deadlock - excellent security
  • Flame-proof vents for ventilation at all times
  • Includes correct warning stickers 
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Fork skids for site transport
Professional Use
High Visibility
Anti-Theft Device

The FlamStor Cabinet™ provides excellent protection for the likes of flammable liquids and materials, with a high-quality steel design and highly durable 5-lever deadlock for protecting goods at all times.  These storage cabinets make it easy to store such products while keeping them accessible to those who use them on building sites etc.

Each unit is made from tough, durable powder-coated steel.  The cabinet is fire resistant for up to 30 mins in the instance a fire does occur. This helps workers to isolate the cabinet if needs be and extinguish the fire appropriately.

The vents on the sides of the storage cabinet allow for ventilation for open substances or in the event that something spills, preventing the build-up of fumes that may be harmful.

The cabinets come with internal shelving that allows for storing various item sizes. The sump base on the bottom of the unit can collect spills if they happen, reducing the risk of leakages of dangerous or corrosive materials.

Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight
505(w) x 540(d) x 980(h)mm 410(w) x 455(d) x 715(h)mm 45kg
800(w) x 585(d) x 1260(h)mm 710(w) x 505(d) x 885(h)mm 74kg
1205(w) x 585(d) x 1560(h)mm 1050(w) x 510(d) x 1185(h)mm 111kg
1355(w) x 780(d) x 1560(h)mm 1290(w) x 705(d) x 1155(h)mm 170kg
2500(w) x 775(d) x 2315(h)mm 2060(w) x 600(d) x 1880(h)mm 500kg