Berkeley Recycled Rubber Bollard

Options: 1000mm - Pyramid Head
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The Berkeley Rubber Bollard provides a highly effective product that can withstand impacts and help to mark areas on roads, car parks, etc.

  • Made from robust recycled rubber
  • Fitted with reinforced 60mm steel core
  • Submerged 300mm underground
  • Absorbs impacts and will bend back into place
  • Reflective strips for high visibility
  • Available with pyramid or mitre style head
Concrete In
High Visibility
Professional Use

The Berkeley Rubber Bollard is made from recycled material that is flexible yet hard-wearing. The rubber bollard is stylish and can withstand heavy punishment, as seen in the picture.

The Berkeley rubber bollard is reinforced with a steel core that measures 60mm in diameter.

The bollard is mounted into the ground to a depth of 300mm which combined with the steel core gives it serious presence.  It is the most economical and environmental bollard we have for sale.

The Berkeley has a reflective strip which is useful for drivers at night.

It is possible to have signage incorporated into the Berkeley, directional and speed limits are popular options. Ideal for play areas, schools, car parks and green areas.


Product Specifications:

  • Height 1000mm / 1300mm (300mm will be below surface)

  • Width: 150mm square

* Fitted with 60mm diameter steel core