Cable Protection Ramp 1200mm

Colour: Yellow
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Suitable for Use with HGVs

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  • 1200(L) x 215(W) x 65(H) mm
  • Protection for 1 x 45mm cable and 2 x 20mm cables
  • Highly durable rubber - long-lasting
  • Join together to create long ramp sections
  • Available in black and yellow designs
  • Gripped surface - excellent stability
  • Heavy duty - suitable for use with HGVs
Easy Installation
High Visibility

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 65mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Depth: 210mm
  • Material: Recycled rubber
  • Channels: 1 for 45mm wires/cables, 2 for 20mm wires/cables 

The 1200mm Cable Protection Ramp is incredibly easy and quick to deploy, allowing the customer to place the ramp where and when needed. The Cable Protection Ramp does not require you to bolt it to the floor, you simply place the Cable Protection Ramp over the cables/wires/hoses you wish to protect.

The Cable Protection Ramp will fully protect cables/hoses up to 40mm in diameter, with 3 channels in the ramp.  These cable protection ramps are available in both black and yellow and allow you to place them beside each other to create alternating ramps, making them highly visible to those in the area.

Cable protection ramp key features

  • This Cable Protection Ramp is suitable for HGV and forklift trucks, meaning it is ideal for all companies, providing a strong and durable cable protection option
  • The lines across the main surface allow for excellent grip and stability for pedestrians traversing the cable protection ramps, reducing the risk of slipping and injuries.
  • These cable protection ramps are highly durable and are perfect for use in indoor or outdoor environments
  • Each cable ramp is equipped with 3 channels underneath - one can protect cables or wires up to 40mm in diameter, and the other can protect cables or wires up to 20mm in diameter
  • The 65mm height of these cable protection ramps is excellent at encouraging motorists or forklift users to slow down when passing over them, reducing the risk of accidents and collisions, especially in warehouses and factories.