HR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps

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HR3 Ramp (756300)
€102.50ex VAT
€126.08inc VAT
Protect Hoses from Impact Damage

Delivery 2 - 3 Weeks From Order

  • 855(W) x 302(D) x 84(H) mm
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Protects hoses/cables from cars & HGVs
  • Protection for 2 x 76mm hoses or cables
  • Encourages motorists to slow down
  • Can be connected to other HR3 ramps
  • Highly durable rubber - robust design
  • Reflective yellow strips - highly visible
Easy Installation
Heavy Duty
High Visibility

The HR3 modular rubber cable / hose protection ramps are ideal for protecting large hoses and cables from traffic permitting vehicles to drive over safely. Each HR3 Hose Ramp offers protection for 2 hoses or cables with a maximum width of 76mm in diameter.

These hose ramps are made from tough, durable rubber and will provide protection to these hoses and cables from many kinds of vehicles, including cars and HGVs. This makes them excellent for use indoors in warehouses or factories where HGV activity may be quite frequent as well as outdoors in car parks or company premises.

The modular design of the ramps also means they are easy to install end on end. Insert and remove ramps when needed.

HR3 hose ramp key features

• Each piece of ramp locks into the next using "dogbone" connectors- this allows you to place numerous hose ramps beside each other to create custom lengths, offering excellent protection for long lengths of cable or hoses throughout a warehouse environment

• Reflective strips are fitted on both sides warning oncoming traffic - remember to always deploy a road sign to assist motorists in slowing down before the ramp

• These hose/cable ramps are perfect as a permanent or temporary solution to protect key cables in a workplace

• The HR3 hose ramps come with 2 channels that can help to protect cables with a maximum diameter of up to 76mm (3") at any given time

• The 84mm height of these ramps encourage drivers to slow down so that they can pass over the ramp safely and securely


• Height: 84mm

• Width: 855mm

• Depth: 302mm

• Weight: 13KG

• Hose Diameter: 2 x 76mm