Column Protector - XL

Size: Column Size: 150 - 200mm
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Air Pressure Release for Max Impact Protection

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  • Protect columns 150-200mm or 250-300mm wide
  • No fixings required - fit with velcro straps
  • Air pressure release for maximum impact protection
  • Highly visible - noticeable to forklift operators
  • Can be fitted with infills to fill gaps on columns
  • UV Stabilised - ideal for indoors or outdoors
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use
Shatter resistant
Heavy Duty

The Column Protector is a perfect addition to any warehouse, car park or building where there is exposed columns and beams. The column protectors can be quickly and easily wrapped around a column to protect the said infrastructure from impact, especially where vehicle traffic may be frequent.

Each column protector is fitted with integral velcro straps and can be installed quickly and easily. Available in 2 sizes, the column protectors can be easily tightened and fastened around the column and are ready to provide impact protection instantly.

The column protection is made from a rigid, durable form of polythylene (LLPE) that utilise an air pressure release on impact, helping to cushion the blow in case impact does occur. This protects the beam or column and minimises the damage to impact vehicles or machinery.

Installing column protectors on larger columns

The XL column protector is available in 2 sizes and fits various column sizes. For situations where the protectors do not completely wrap around the column, you can use the optional inserts to protect the centre parts of the column or beam.

The column protectors are UV stabilised and can be used indoors or outdoors - perfect for warehouses, freight depots and car parks.


Product Specifications:

Height: 1000mm

Wall thickness: 6.4mm

Material: Polythylene (LLPE)

*Size 6-8" can fit column sizes 150 x 150mm square up to 200 x 200mm square

*Size 10-12" can fit column sizes 250 x 250mm square up to 300 x 300mm square