Column Protector - Slimline

Size: Column Size: 100 x 100mm
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Hard-Wearing LDPE - Long-Lasting Protection

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  • Protects both drivers/operators and the columns 
  • Can fit a number of different column sizes
  • Can be installed in mere seconds
  • Can be adjusted with integral straps
  • Air pressure release allows for impact protection
Professional Use
High Visibility
Heavy Duty
Easy Installation
Shatter resistant

The Slimline Column Protector is perfect for installing onto key columns and beams in a warehouse, mezzanines or car parks and can help to protect them during impact from cars, forklifts and other vehicles at all times.  Each column protector can be installed in seconds and can be adjusted with the integral straps.

The air pressure release system that these column protectors employ allows for excellent impact protection, where they will release air pressure on impact from vehicles.  This in turn will protect both the columns and the impacting car, helping to reduce damage to both.

The column protectors themselves are made from highly visible yellow polythylene which will make them perfect for indoor use over long periods of time.  Using the integral straps these column protectors can be fit and adjusted quite easily, where they can adhere to many different size rectangular columns.


Product Specifications:

Size: 1100mm (h) x 390mm x 435mm

Weight: 11kg

*4" can fit column sizes 100mm square

*6" can fit column sizes 160mm square