Convex Mirror Bracket - Fork Top

Size: 540 x 650mm
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Mount Two Mirrors Simultaneously

Delivery: Normally 5 - 7 Days

  • 2 mirrors to be installed side by side
  • For use on 76mm diameter pole
  • Allows for most mirror types
  • Highly durable - keeps mirrors in place at all times
  • Reduces the need to install 2 separate brackets
  • Ideal for areas where seeing oncoming traffic is essential
Easy Installation
Hot-Dip Galvanised
Professional Use
1 Year Warranty
Heavy Duty

Product Specifications

  • Height: 400mm
  • Width: 650mm / 900mm
  • Material: Hot-dip galvanised steel

The Convex Mirror Bracket - Fork Top is an excellent way of placing two mirrors facing opposite directions, enabling drivers to see other motorists approaching from opposite ends. Ideal for T-junctions, cross roads, parking lots, road curves and a great deal of environments that require good vision of oncoming traffic. The bracket will work well with vertical posts, and will safely secure your mirrors at a great angle.

Whether you wish to use the bracket indoors or outside, the bracket will serve you well and will further reduce the costs related to buying two separate brackets. Relocating the bracket to a new position will take the same effortlessness that you used when you installed it.

For use with the View-Minder, View-Ultra and Durable ranges. Contact the sales team for more information.