SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors

Size: 600mm
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€429.27inc VAT
SKU: 758442
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Vandal Resistant Mirror Made for Irish Roads
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Ireland's Strongest Traffic Mirror - Long-Lasting Steel Design

In Stock: Delivery 1 - 2 Days

  • Fully tested - extreme durability
  • Needs minimal maintenance - vandal proof
  • Easy installation - bracket for 76mm pole included
  • Steel hood - protects mirror from adverse weather
  • Available in 600 or 800mm diameter
  • Optional wall mounting bracket - not included
  • 600mm delivery weight - 7.62kg
  • 800mm delivery weight - 10.6kg

For help on convex mirrors see our Convex Mirrors FAQ

Anti Rust
Heavy Duty
Shatter resistant
High Visibility
Easy Installation

Product Specifications:

  • Diameter: 600mm / 800mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel Mirror
  • Maximum Observation Distance: 6-7 / 9-11 metres
  • Attachment bracket: For 76mm pole

The SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors is perfect for road safety, warehouses, industrial and residential areas. The stainless steel mirror is virtually unbreakable and is easily cleaned with minimal maintenance. The mirror is UV resistant, and won’t fade in the sunlight. The polished finish allows you to see clearly within its range. The durability of the mirror gives you excellent long-term savings with trouble-free operational costs.

How tough is the SeeClear Steel Convex Mirror?

The SeeClear Convex Steel Mirror has been extensively tested to withstand:

  • Missiles such as rocks and stones have been thrown at it
  • A car has been driven over the mirrors steel surface
  • Being hit with a hammer
  • Getting thrown off a balcony

How to install the steel mirror?

The steel convex mirrors come with their own bracket for installing to either a wall or pole mounting. The stainless steel mirror is perfect for areas with heavy industrial work or with high levels of vandalism. It’s simple to install to the galvanised sign post sign pole 76 diameter