Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Mirror

Option: 600 x 800mm
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Perfect For Use in Adverse Weather Conditions

Delivery: Normally 2 - 3 Weeks

  • Thermo active gel regulates temperature
  • Prevents the formation of ice or mist
  • Sustains temperatures of -20°C
  • Stainless steel mirror
  • Protective UV resistant plastic frame
  • Use to see around bends or blind spots
  • Ideal for use in high or remote locations
  • Power supply not required
  • Clamp included - 60-90mmØ poles
Anti Rust
High Visibility
Shatter resistant
Professional Use
Easy Installation

Product Specifications:

  • Materials: Stainless steel, thermo-active gel and UV resistant plastic
  • Effective down to -20 degrees C
  • No electric supply required
  • For internal and external use
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturing defaults

The Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Mirroris specifically designed to endure adverse weather conditions and stop ice or condensation from obstructing the field of view. It combines the tempered mirror front of the Durabel Stainless Steel Mirror with an advanced thermo-active gel underneath. The patented thermo-active gel regulates the surface temperature of the mirror, and in so doing, prevents the formation of ice and mirror mist. The mirror is framed in an impact and UV resistant plastic material which protects the thermos-active layer.

The Durabel IceFree has an advantage over electrically heated mirrors as it does not require an electrical source, making it ideal for remote or elevated locations. The mirror will standup to extreme weather conditions and will deter condensation or ice from forming, making it ideal for mountain roads, railway stations or airports.

The convex, rounded shape of the Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Mirror allows for a wider field of vision than that provided by flat mirrors. This aids the driver in seeing all possible angles and minimizes the scope of blind spots. The mirror comes with a universal clamp as standard, suitable for a 60-90mmØ pole. Please contact the local authority in your area if you are erecting the mirror on a public road.

Viewing Distances

  • 400 x 600mm: 5 Metres
  • 600 x 800mm: 10 Metres
  • 800 x 1000mm: 15 Metre