Flexdek™ Anti-Slip Mat

Mat Colour: BLACK
Mat Size: 60cm x linm
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Overall Anti-Slip PVC Mat

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  • 12mm thick
  • Industrial grade PVC
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • Open grid construction
  • Wet, dry or oily industrial areas
Heavy Traffic
Oil Resistant

The Flexdek™ Anti-Slip Mat is an industrial grade welded duckboard design that creates an elevated platform for safety and offers basic fatigue relief. The mat is 12mm thick and is designed for wet, dry, or oily industrial areas.

The open grid mat construction provides drainage of liquids in all directions. The anti-slip base and anti-slip surface create a healthier and safer environment in wet or oily areas. The mat is resistant to chemicals, oil, and grease. The heavy duty properties mean the mat will not flatten over time.

The Flexdek™ comes in standard mat sizes for stand-along workstations or in full rolls for larger areas. Optional connector clips can join mats together widthwise or lengthwise.

Recommended use for the Flexdek™ Anti-Slip Mat:

For heavy duty use.

For placement in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, picking, packing and logistics warehouses, individual work stations.


  • Industrial grade extruded PVC compound in a welded grid design
  • Weight 7.5kg per m²
  • Overall thickness: 12mm
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • Slip resistant R10 tested according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181

Cleaning tip:

Use a high-pressure hose (124 bar max.) with hot water (no greater than 70˚C max.), especially efficient to remove oils from the mat. The use of a mild soap, mild detergent or non-butyl degreaser is suggested for a better result.