Guard Dog® Low Profile Cable Protector - 5 Channel

910(L) x 840(W)mm (749092)
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Increase Accessibility & Protect Cables

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  • 910(L) x 840(W) x 32(H)mm
  • 5 channels - protect cables 32mm wide
  • 30 tonne weight capacity
  • Built-in ADA/DDA accessibility ramps
  • Integral dog-bone connectors - join easily
  • 5-bar tread surface for excellent grip
  • Reinforced hinged lid - easily insert cables
  • Highly durable polyurethane design - long-lasting

The Guard Dog Low Profile Cable Protector will protect up to 5 cables or wires at once. Each unit is equipped with 5 channels that can each protect cables up to 32mm in width. Easily insert the lids for instant protection to cables while increasing accessibility.

Each cable ramp is equipped with a reinforced hinged lid that can be opened and closed with ease. Once the cables are in place simply flip the lid down and use instantly. The top of the cable ramp is equipped with patented 5-bar treads for increased grip during use.

The integral dog-bone connectors allow the cable ramps to be connected with ease. Join multiple units together with ease and cover cables over larger distances. 

The built-in ADA/DDA ramps provide increased accessibility. Use the ramps where wheelchair, trolley etc. access is required.