MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 122 Tonne Capacity

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Heavy Duty Chocks for Large HGVs and Plant Machinery

Delivery: Normally 3 - 4 Weeks

  • 368(L) x 388(W) x 280(H)mm
  • 6.6kg total weight
  • Max vehicle gross operating weight - 122 tonnes
  • Maximum rated payload - 70 tonnes
  • Recommended tire diameter - 1651mm
  • Tough urethane construction - hard-wearing
  • Lightweight - easy to install or move
  • ANSI compliant - meets colour guidelines
  • Resistant to oils, fuels and solvents
  • Mounting hole for ropes or chains
  • Recessed carrying handle - easily move
  • Anti-slip traction pads - improved grip
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use

The MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks provide an excellent means of preventing trucks and trailers from rolling. The highly effective chocks can be used with many kinds of HGVs, LGVs, trailers and more. Each chock is brightly coloured and will be seen at all times while in use.

The maximum vehicle capacity of the MC wheel chock comes in at a massive 122 tonnes, with a maximum rated payload of 70 tonnes. Keep in mind for trucks it is best to chock all wheels at once - be sure to order the correct amount of wheel chocks for your project.

Each wheel chock is made from a hard-wearing urethane material. While the material is extremely robust it is very lightweight and can be moved around or transported with ease. The bright yellow colour is easily seen while is in use and meets all ANSI requirements.

The recessed carrying handle on the back allows it to be picked up when needed. The mounting holes allow ropes or chains to be attached to the wheel chocks for permanent fixing in an area. The anti-slip traction pads help to improve grip and stability for trucks while parked.