No Parking Traffic Cone (Irish Road Traffic Act)

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Our-Best Selling Portable Parking Deterrent

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  • 560(H) x 250(W)
  • Base: 300mm wide
  • Highly durable plastic design - extremely robust
  • One-piece design - easy to lift
  • Fitted with highly noticeable No Parking symbol
  • Moulded Irish/English no parking message
  • Easily stacked - store or transport quickly
  • Weighted base - remains in place at all times
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Shatter resistant
Professional Use
1 Year Warranty

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 560mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Weight: 3.85Kg
  • Material: UV stabilised polyethylene

The No Parking Traffic Cones allow you to easily close off areas where cars and other automobiles shouldn’t be parked. The highly visible yellow cone ensures motorists will see the cone in a bad light. The Irish Road Traffic Act sticker placed on the cone will highlight the intentions of the cone. The durable sticker is made from vinyl and should withstand tough Irish conditions. It weighs a total of 3.85Kg, and will not blow over in windy weather.

Benefits of No Parking Traffic Cones

These traffic cones are perfect for use in all kinds of conditions outdoors, with excellent resistance to weathering.

The highly visible yellow colour of these traffic cones ensures that they can be seen by all motorists or pedestrians while in place. The vinyl "No Parking" symbol on the cone also complies with the Irish Road Traffic Act and will also be seen by any passing motorists

The thick recycled rubber base of these traffic cones helps them to be weighted to the ground and stops heavy winds from blowing them over. The shape and size of these traffic cones allow the customer to deploy the cones with great ease wherever they are needed most, while they are also very easy to be stacked and store when they are not needed.

The No Parking Traffic Cone is ideal for use in many locations and provides the customer with a simple and easy-to-deploy solution for parking issues.