No Parking Stickers - Extreme Adhesive

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Extreme Adhesive - Hard to Remove

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  • 250 stickers per roll
  • Extreme adhesive; tough to remove from glass
  • Ideal for use with PERSISTENT OFFENDERS
  • Red text on a white background
  • A5 in size (200 x 150mm)

For something lighter duty consider the No Parking Stickers Regular Adhesive which are easier to remove, perfect for first-time offenders.

Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use
Heavy Duty

Warning Sticker: "Please refrain from parking in this area". Use this windscreen sticker to help eliminate unauthorised parking within your car park area. This warning notice sticker uses an adhesive which is tough to remove from the glass by the driver. You should only use these with PERSISTENT OFFENDERS, as the adhesive is tough to remove. We also have the Regular Adhesive Warning Sticker, which is easier to remove and perfect for areas where parking arrangements are not clear.

Each roll comes with 250 individual stickers that can be easily applied directly to the windscreen on a car.  The extreme adhesive on the back of the stickers makes them extremely tough to take off and is suitable for regular parking enforcement.

The striking red lettering will surely get the driver's attention when they return to their car, not to mention passers-by who will see the sticker and think twice about parking illegally.

Combine the stickers with bollards, wheel clamp kits and more to deter would-be parking offenders. The extreme adhesive on these stickers makes them suitable for those who are repeat offenders. 

To get the stickers off car owners will have to thoroughly scrub the window with soapy water, which may take some time. This may deter repeat offenders and help to manage your car park.

  • Red text on a white background
  • A5 in size (200 x 150mm) and comes in rolls of 250